facts • has a tattoo of Yggdrasil over his heart, which he got when his mom was sick

• has an Irish setter named Ray after his college roommate, the dog was a rescue and is more like a best friend now.

• had to make a harder password to unlock his phone and install a drunk texting app to keep himself from drunk texting people.

• isn't so much a light weight, is just extremely energetic when he is tipsy.

• is an absolutely horrible chef--can usually manage to make pasta, and to warm up packaged foods if he has directions, but anything more complex leaves him confused (and is only capable of two settings on the grill: a little raw, or charcoal)

• is a catch-and-release type when it comes to dealing with insects and arachnids--he mostly hates spiders, but won't let on because of all the awesome Australian jokes he'd invalidate